Thursday, January 31, 2008

All the drugs...

I have been so busy getting all of the medications taken care of for Jacob that I haven't really had the time to do anything else.  So...what better to write about than the medicines? 
Check it out...the daily ritual.  Day and night.  002
Lily has gotten to the point where she is jealous that Jake gets all the "fun medicine" so I have gotten to the point now that I give her a Smartie. (They are only the most dangerous candy ever!!) 
We got the test results in for Jacob and the diabetes...fortunately 003they came back normal so now we are back at square one.  Hopefully when the allergy test is done we will get more information about where his problems come from. 
We are supposed to get between 6-10 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Who knows if I will make it in to work in the morning.  If not I am sure that I will have lots of fun snow pictures to post.  Here's hoping.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To drive or not to drive...

I have to say that cars are a blessing and a curse.  Without them you can't really do much at all.  But, when something goes wrong everything seems to come to a complete standstill. 

Last month, just before Christmas, we were driving through an intersection when the 750 year old lady in front of us slammed on her brakes and we slid into the back of her, getting $2500.00 in damages to the front of the van.  Fortunately our deductible is $500 so that is all we had to spend.  The body shop wasn't able to fix our van until the second week in January and they had it for about 4 days.  Fast forward...

001We have had the van back for about a week and a half.  I left it in the church parking lot while I went to lunch with some people from the church.  When I got back to the church the front end of the van was totally smashed up.003   The bumper is sitting on the ground and the headlight is in pieces...another $500 deductible.  That makes a total of a thousand dollars this month on repairs for the van.  The best part, they have to fix the same parts they fixed 2 weeks ago.  You have got to love it...

My question is why does it cost so much?  We looked at the bill the first time and found out that a mechanic charges at least $40/hour in labor costs alone.  A headlight? $275.  I don't like to spend that on things that I want.  How does this happen?  My uncle used to fix our cars in California for the cost of the parts that he would find at the salvage yard.  Oh the good ol' days..


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Froggy Party

  Today we had the party for Kindermusik.  Lily and Jacob had a lot of fun together with their friends.  I am sorry to see that some of her friends are not returning to class and some of her friends are going to stay back in the toddler class while she moves into the preschool class but she will undoubtedly make new friends 001and have a  great time.

After craft time we had a fun snack/dinner time of all green foods.  I ha006d such a hard time







trying to think of something to take that wouldn't take a lot of time and then forgot about it until this afternoon.  So, instead of 019making something cute and totally original I walked/ran through the aisles of the grocery store and desperately looked for something that would be considered a green snack when I found the wonderful invention called 'rawberry kiwi flavored applesauce.  Bright green.  I was so excited.  So there it was, our contribution.  (This is Karson with Lily.)042041(This is Jack with Lily.)

We took lots of pictures of course and Lily is too excited and 039 hyped up on sugar now to try and sleep so time to go and lie down with her.  Maybe she will be ready to sleep sometime in the next few hours...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


  So, Jacob and Lily have spent the day at home inside today.  The weather was horrendous (at one point it was 15 002below!!) and Jake has been battling some upper respiratory thing so I stayed home from church today. 

We played with babies today.  The kids both love them and we have this awful one that is a "live" baby.  I actually bought the exact same one for Lauren Jo for Christmas and now I am regretting it.  I can turn it off but Super Lily knows where the switch is and turns it back on.  Anyway, they had a blast playing with them. 


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Jacob has breathing treatments that he has to take all the time. He has had problems with his breathing since birth and when it gets bad enough we pull out the machine.
I have always hated doing it because for the first few minutes hes does fine and then decides, like most one year olds do, that he is done sitting still and wants to be free to run around. Anywho, last night we had a breakthrough. Jake actually wanted the treatment. He wanted to hold it and did a great job breathing in the meds. After a little while he decided to walk around but it was still with the mask and he kept breathing in the vapor. I was so excited. He is finally understanding. He was actually mad when it was done. I was sitting there, as I took pictures, wondering what on earth had happened with my son.
Also how cute are kids when they sleep? I love it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plumbing Nightmares and Froggy Dilemmas

So, it has been forever since I have done anything on this and I have to say that it is partly because I haven't had time and partly because I couldn't figure out how to insert the pictures and make them look cute. Anywho, enough excuses.
We have been having problems with our plumbing. Anytime I did laundry the bathtub would fill up with some nasty looking water. We were dealing with it out the tub everytime we washed clothes, only doing laundry when the kids are not anywhere near the bathroom etc... We had called our landlords and let them know that there were problems and so 3 gallons of Draino later the plumber came out. !
Long story short, the drains are fixed and I am now doing about 30 loads of laundry, trying to catch up from the last week and a half!
I have a Froggy party to take Lily to on Tuesday. She is in Kindermusik and the end of semester party is coming up. We are supposed to dress in green and bring a green food. To any of you with toddlers...what green foods do your kids eat? Mine don't like anything with "leaves" in it. I need to find some sort of finger food that a room full of 30 toddlers and preschoolers will like. Also, it needs to be something quick. My 11 hour work days don't allow for much time. Anyone, help! I need you


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