Saturday, January 19, 2008


Jacob has breathing treatments that he has to take all the time. He has had problems with his breathing since birth and when it gets bad enough we pull out the machine.
I have always hated doing it because for the first few minutes hes does fine and then decides, like most one year olds do, that he is done sitting still and wants to be free to run around. Anywho, last night we had a breakthrough. Jake actually wanted the treatment. He wanted to hold it and did a great job breathing in the meds. After a little while he decided to walk around but it was still with the mask and he kept breathing in the vapor. I was so excited. He is finally understanding. He was actually mad when it was done. I was sitting there, as I took pictures, wondering what on earth had happened with my son.
Also how cute are kids when they sleep? I love it!


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