Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Froggy Party

  Today we had the party for Kindermusik.  Lily and Jacob had a lot of fun together with their friends.  I am sorry to see that some of her friends are not returning to class and some of her friends are going to stay back in the toddler class while she moves into the preschool class but she will undoubtedly make new friends 001and have a  great time.

After craft time we had a fun snack/dinner time of all green foods.  I ha006d such a hard time







trying to think of something to take that wouldn't take a lot of time and then forgot about it until this afternoon.  So, instead of 019making something cute and totally original I walked/ran through the aisles of the grocery store and desperately looked for something that would be considered a green snack when I found the wonderful invention called 'rawberry kiwi flavored applesauce.  Bright green.  I was so excited.  So there it was, our contribution.  (This is Karson with Lily.)042041(This is Jack with Lily.)

We took lots of pictures of course and Lily is too excited and 039 hyped up on sugar now to try and sleep so time to go and lie down with her.  Maybe she will be ready to sleep sometime in the next few hours...


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