Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plumbing Nightmares and Froggy Dilemmas

So, it has been forever since I have done anything on this and I have to say that it is partly because I haven't had time and partly because I couldn't figure out how to insert the pictures and make them look cute. Anywho, enough excuses.
We have been having problems with our plumbing. Anytime I did laundry the bathtub would fill up with some nasty looking water. We were dealing with it out the tub everytime we washed clothes, only doing laundry when the kids are not anywhere near the bathroom etc... We had called our landlords and let them know that there were problems and so 3 gallons of Draino later the plumber came out. !
Long story short, the drains are fixed and I am now doing about 30 loads of laundry, trying to catch up from the last week and a half!
I have a Froggy party to take Lily to on Tuesday. She is in Kindermusik and the end of semester party is coming up. We are supposed to dress in green and bring a green food. To any of you with toddlers...what green foods do your kids eat? Mine don't like anything with "leaves" in it. I need to find some sort of finger food that a room full of 30 toddlers and preschoolers will like. Also, it needs to be something quick. My 11 hour work days don't allow for much time. Anyone, help! I need you


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