Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's Been a While!

I was having all sorts of trouble with my WLW and so I just finally got the last post up after waiting for what seemed like forever.
So Rachel, here is what I came up with from your tag...

The book is Alexandre Dumas', The Count of Monte Cristo.

"It must be worth at least fifty thousand francs." "Remember it is your wish that I divide the money amongst all four of you," the abbe said calmly, replacing the diamond in the pocket of his cassock. "Now, be kind enough to give me the address of Edmond's friends, so that I may carry out his last wishes."

I have fulfilled my tag...anyone else want to give it a try? If so, find the closest book to you that has at least 123 pages. Go to page 123, count 5 sentences from the top and write down that next three. I know...complicated. Ruthie, this one's for you. More to write later about our fun night out last night for our anniversary.


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