Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reading, going 'round, and jammin'!

  We all went to Fort Wayne yesterday because Joe had an all day module at the school, I had some things to do for work, and we only had one car.  So we loaded up the car, drove the 60-some miles out there, and got all situated in my office.  The kids did really great.  They played on the floor, watched a movie, and colored while I got some work done.

Celine called me around noon and we met up for lunch and an 008afternoon  full of fun.  The kids loved running around with her... We went over to her church so that she could practice the bells and Jake and Lily got a chance to play with the bells and the most awesome piano they have ever seen in their little lives!

013 014

We went over to the mall and the kids got to go on the merry-go-round there.  Jake had a lot of fun on it.  He has never really been into the "ride" experience but it was definitely a hit yesterday! 023  After that we went over to Barnes and Noble and spent a couple of hours there reading books and listening to music on the headphones.  Jacob is pretty eclectic while Lily prefers Disney classics like Hannah Montana, HSM, and Little Mermaid. ;)

We topped off the day at the ever favorite Red Robin (thanks to the helium balloons and crayons) for dinner and some conversation!  It was so nice to see her again and catch up.  We don't see each other a whole lot despite the fact that she doesn't live that far from where I work...  It has been almost a year!!  Amazing how time just flies by.


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