Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I got to stay home from work today because there was so much 001ice out on the roads.   After a doctors appointment for Jake we went outside with Lily and she got a chance to finally do her snow angels.  She did a "mommy angel" and a "Lily angel".  

After the angels 013she decided to make some snow men and eventually got an entire family sitting on the porch.  The lady across the street was shoveling her walk and Lily thought it  would be fun to sit there and yell across the street to her. 



I am sure that she enjoyed hearing my daughter yell "hey you, what are you doing?"  Just a little rude.  We need to work on that a little bit.



All of the family in a row...018

Joe was so excited to shovel our walks and have Lily throw snowballs at him while he was doing it! :)



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