Friday, March 14, 2008

Update on life...

It has been too long. Things have been so chaotic I just haven't had the time to do anything...emails-going unanswered, phone messages-13 on just the home phone, mail-taking over my table...It is terrible.
The kids have had some crazy virus thing that has been hanging on. Lily got it first and quickly passed it on to Jake. The last week has been spent alternating days at home with Joe, comforting children that are burning a hole in your arms as you hold them, trying not to breathe in the toxic fumes as they cough, trying to force enough food and liquid down their throats to keep them alive, spending the entire night with them both laying on you because if you move even just a little they both start screaming, etc.
It is so hard to function when kids are sick, I have a feeling that now they are feeling a little bit better I will be spending the rest of the week cleaning the house and doing laundry so that I can actually start wearing my cuter clothes instead of the laundry day clothing.
Next week is Holy Week and that is always chaotic. I was counting church services that Joe and I will be at and there are 7 next week. Crazy. Also, Lilys birthday is the day after Easter this year so that should be lots of fun. Hopefully Chuck E Cheese isn't crowded.
Lily can't wait to see her cousins...literally, it's a daily question now. Next time they come I don't think we will tell her this early.
Once I get my life together I will post something that is actually interesting with pictures...


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