Saturday, April 5, 2008


It is Saturday afternoon and the kids and I are sitting at home keeping busy while Joe is gone for the weekend.  I have started running out of ideas for entertainment so the tv is on and the little one is riveted to Barney while the big one is playing with a mermaid in the sink.

I have been sitting here watching Jacob play and now as he is cuddled on the couch and have just been having such a hard time imagining why he could be having as many problems as he is having.  He is such a happy child (most of the time) and I am trying to wrap my mind around what it is going to be like on Monday. 

For those of you that don't know, Jake is getting admitted to Children's Hospital to undergo several days of testing on his lungs including a bronchoscopy, a pH probe and a lung biopsy.  I was talking to one of my friends whose daughter has been in and out of the hospital due to leukemia (she is only a few months younger than Lily) and I can't fathom the constant trips to the hospital and the seemingly endless treatment.   Jake's problems seem so minor compared to the problems that other people face and yet at the same time seem insurmountable to me. 

I know that God provides strength and that no problem is too great.  I just have to put it all in His hands which is something that I have a hard time doing as I like to be in control of everything.   So, pray for our family.  The hospital is almost an hour and a half away so Joe and I will probably not see each other much during this time as he will have to be home with Lily and attending classes.  Pray for strength for Jake and that he will cooperate with the doctors.  (He was able to pull an IV with several layers of tape and a Velcro splint thingie covering it when he was around 8 or 10 months!)  I don't know what he is going to think of the tube that will go in his nose into his lungs with a camera on it.  (They will be leaving it in for 24 hours while he is conscious)  Pray for Lily as she loses a brother and mother for just under a week. She doesn't like things out of order so hopefully she will be flexible. Lastly, pray for the parents as we watch them do all this to our "baby".

So, we have about a day and a half before we go in.  It seems like endless waiting and so close all at the same time.

I am sorry for the somewhat "heavy" post.  One of these days I will have something fun to write about with lots of crazy kid anecdotes and pictures.  I promise.


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