Saturday, April 19, 2008

Exciting News!

I didn't even think about posting anything about being pregnant!  Is that a cardinal sin in the world of blogging??  Sorry Emily!  I am 16 weeks, we told our family on Easter, and everyone else is finding out as I get bigger and they have the guts to ask if I am or if I have just been really stressed! 

We had an ultrasound the week of Easter, if you want to see the pics shoot me an email or comment and I will email them.  I feel terrible, apparently number three wants to be the last child.  Things have been worse but they have also been better.  I am now in some maternity clothes.  Apparently the body decides to expand faster with each kid.  Nice!

Our official due date is October 3rd.  The doctors are optimistic that this baby will want to be like its big brother so we could be looking at a September or October baby.  Anyway, the news is out.  Sorry all!


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