Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Hospital Experience

We got to the hospital on Monday morning and got Jake admitted.  He was dehydrated from the weekend so I was actually relieved that we were going in. 

They got him connected to the IV, did the initial blood draw and breathing treatments, and left us there to pass the time.  Every 4 hours they came in and did some treatments and percussion.  He wasn't terribly excited about the IV.  It took him a good hour to get used to having it in his arm and then he fell asleep.  When he woke up it was like he relived the whole experience again and had to get used to it all over again.  002

Lily and Joe came over on Tuesday and spent a little time there with us, giving me a chance to go eat lunch and take a shower.  They had a good time playing together.  Lily was especially excited about the family play room that they had there on the floor we were on and the crib that was in Jacobs room because it was a cage.



He got another blood draw that day and treatments throughout the whole day.  Wednesday morning he got the bronchoscopy and biopsy done.    They decided to wait and see the results of the biopsy before they do the pH probe because they didn't want to put him through it unless they had to.  We were able to leave on Wednesday afternoon.  It was so nice to walk outside and let him run around.  He had gotten pretty good walking the halls pushing his IV pole in front of him but nothing beats the great outdoors.    005


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