Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Most Beautiful Day!

We got some of Jacobs test results back!  The bronchoscopy came back clean...we have to wait on the biopsy since they send them to Buffalo (hopefully next week it will be ready), and the bloodwork came back with cows milk and egg white allergies.  We are a little more apprehensive about the biopsy as that is the bigger test but it shouldn't be too much longer. 

We spent the afternoon outside after a hard day at work and001 school.  The kids were so excited to have nice weather considering it snowed last Friday!  We bbq'd, the kids played and we all relaxed.  

008 Jacob is obsessed with the gravel that we have in our alley and all he wanted to do was pile it on top of the daffodils that have been struggling to survive after the frost and snow that we had last week. 002

I let Lily play with our camera for a little bit and she discovered settings on it that I didn't know that we had.  It takes a three year old to show me how to use our digital camera!  A few pics of the day...010 006 These are pink shoes!009

Sweet kisses...  A very happy boy!005


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