Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I love this week!

So, I thought I would give this a try.  I know that I won't be faithful but we'll give it a go.

1)  Chipotle burritos...I don't know what more to say.  Living in the Midwest has its advantages but the accessibility to good ethnic food is not one of them.  I have especially loved them since I got pregnant.  Claire and I go at least once a week!




2) Jacob has had these shoes from Stride Rite for the past I don't know how long.  We bought these in several different sizes because they worked with everything, he was comfortable in them, and he LOVED them.  We had to get new shoes for him a few weeks ago and I have missed these so much.  The new ones have caused blistering, bleeding, and discomfort.  I don't know how much longer it will take to break them in.  Poor baby!




3)  The tulips in our front yard...Lily takes pride in every flower that pops up because she helped plant all of them last year.  Everyday when we get home she has to go and check on them to make sure that they are still blooming and that nothing happened to them while she was gone.  She is very gentle with them and does talk to them.  She has a much greener thumb than I do.  Jacob is not allowed to go near them just in case of accidental beheading.  She gets so excited as she sees each different bud open and a new color blooming.  Her favorite thing is to guess what color it will be when it is open.  She has been a little disappointed that we have not had a blue one yet! ;)


4) Baby dolls...Jacob (yes, my son) is OBSESSED with any baby. He loves to hold them, pat them on the back, feed them pretend things, make sure the pacifier is in the mouth, etc...I am a little nervous for when this baby decides to join us.  He is always dragging one around.  (For the record, he usually has some sort of truck or car in the other hand)  When we have been around a live, breathing infant he likes to sit there next to the baby and touch their hair, talk to them and try to give them toys to play with/chew!  I love watching him play and then get so excited that he just bursts out with laughter.  He is trying to say everything now so it is fun trying to decipher what he is saying to them.  Sometimes being a parent is so much fun!



5)  Lastly, the great outdoors!  We had beautiful weather all week last week and the kids were outside everyday playing.  This made for very worn out children and lots of fun!  I am so excited for summer this year.  Jacob is more than happy to be outside from dawn til dawn it seems and Lily loves running around and doing yardwork, riding her bike, and being a three year old.  Here's to great weather and lots more of it!


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