Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

So, Lily and I like to watch DWTS together.  She aspires to be a dancer when she gets older, and I love watching the ballroom dancing so we sit down together on Monday nights and enjoy it.

Last night however was a different story.  Lily has always loved the princess dresses that are sparkly until last night.  Jason and Edyta came out to dance and Lily immediately turns, looks at me and says, "Oh my goodness Mommy, she forgot her dress!  We don't go outside without a dress or a shirt on do we?"  Joe and I have had many discussions about the state of undress that some of these professional dancers are in for these dances and it was surprising to me that the three year old wasn't happy that she didn't have a full dress on.  I have to say that after some laughter I was very proud that she was shocked and appalled to see someone in something like that.  Kind of makes me feel like we are doing something right.  So, for your viewing pleasure I have posted the video of the dance that shocked the three year old.


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