Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day of the Ordination!

Sunday finally arrived!  We went to the regular Memorial Day service in the morning and then, after lunch at Pizza Hut got ready for the ordination service at 3:00.  We had a wonderful time being able to share something so special with all of the family minus a few that we wish could have been there and were unable to make it...













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The service was really nice and we were so appreciative of the support that the people in the church showed us.  We had a really nice dinner after the service and got a chance to talk to a lot of people.


Lily was not digging the picture taking experience so she wasn't in some of them.  The Lee family minus Esther...We missed you!





046 It is a little hard to get the whole Dapelo family so this is as good as it gets!


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