Saturday, May 31, 2008

The LATE Mothers Day brunch!

Ruthie, Johnny and I took Mama and Daddy out to brunch the day they left to go back to Minnesota.  We weren't able to be with her on Mothers Day so we decided to take her out.  We had a little trouble trying to find a place open on Memorial Day but it happened.  It was fun to spend a little quiet time together and chatting.  We love you so much Mom.  You are the greatest!

118 The usual "what is Ruthie doing expression"...does anyone ever know?119






The lady of the hour!  She REALLY needed her coffee!120   Jake was not into sitting and behaving.  He was one of the kids that everyone looks at in a restaurant and wishes would leave...SOON!121






Lily and Uncle Johnny.  Can you say wrapped around the finger?122



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