Saturday, May 31, 2008


Picture day!  We got everyone together and had a picture taken of the whole clan.  Of course none of us took our cameras so we have no pictures to document the madness that occurred that morning.  Trying to get Matt's family of six, our family of four, David's family of five and gramma, papa, and gramma Jackie all looking and smiling was not the easiest feat...Thank goodness for Photoshop!  Yes, believe it or not the photographer said that she would photoshop the pictures so that everyone is smiling in the pictures!  CRAZY!  Too bad we can't do that with everything.

039After the infamous pictures we took off for Fort Wayne to go and visit the zoo.  After a quick lunch at the BK we got to the madhouse.  The weather was beautiful so everyone in Fort Wayne was there.  It was a complete madhouse.  There were people everywhere we looked...  Note to all of you in Fort Wayne, think twice before entering the Indonesian Rainforest. 006 Once you enter you are trapped in the abyss of people.  You only go as fast as the person in front of you.  After a near mishap with Matt and his newly discovered claustrophobia we made it out and took the kids on the worlds fastest merry-go-round as a thank you for sucking it up!  An hour and a half home and we were all ready to crash I think.



THE merry go round!


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