Saturday, May 31, 2008


On Wednesday it was really just us and the David Dapelo family so we spent the day letting the kids do "craft time".  It was fun to watch, sort of a disaster, and they had a lot of fun on their last day together.

001 Grace came by after school to play with Lily so she was in on the fun.  Layla didn't like other people messing with her creativeness so she hid off to the side until they decided to make "cake" with all four playdough colors and some crayons/colored pencils.


002 003




















Not sure what Jake is thinking...  He really liked pulling his ears out like this.  I guess it's the new thing.  Jake only wanted to spend time with Micah.  He is infatuated with babies and wants to spend all his time with anyone smaller than himself.   010



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