Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fave Five

blackberrypearl 1. The Blackberry Pearl!  I love my new phone!  It is so much fun to use, and FREE!  Can you beat that? It is nice to have a phone that isn't a piece of junk.  Now the only trick will be keeping it away from the destruction of the Dapelo children.



ispy 2. I Spy!  This is one of the best games...Lily and I have spent so much time playing it and now Jacob is really starting to get into it too.  We do Go Fish with it because the items on the cards are all very recognizable and the kids know them all.

swiffer 3. The Swiffer WetJet.  When you have a house with ZERO carpeting this little gadget is awesome!  I love that all I have to do is switch out the bottle of solution for hardwood floors and tile or linoleum!  It's great and cheap.


flea 4. Angel Pest Control!  You do not truly appreciate a pest free house until you have lived in one that has problems.  I can't express how disgusting it was to live in a house that had jumpers.


basketball 5. Basketball!  We have a b-ball hoop in the driveway and it has been so much fun playing out there with Joe and the kids.  We have met some of our neighbors now while hanging out front.  It isn't so much the basketball I guess...being pregnant jumping isn't the most fun but it gives us a fun reason to spend time outside.


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