Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Last Night

We got the truck Thursday night after a slight speed bump in scheduling, finished up some packing, and went to bed.  Friday morning came bright and early and all of the last minute stuff getting boxed up.  All the men started showing up around 10:00 to load the truck.  Joe had left for school at 6:00 that morning and wasn't going to be back until around 1:00.  The men were awesome!  They got everything onto the truck and dismantled the last of the furniture ie. beds etc.  Joe arrived with lunch for them, we all had a little while to visit and they left.  We set to work cleaning the house from top to bottom.   The weather had been awful, really hot and muggy...

010 We went to dinner with the Beals that night out to Chinese and were really enjoying the evening when we happened to notice the tv in the background had weather alerts for  Defiance County-right next door.  S0me of the staff came over and 013turned it up and apparently the weather bureau had issued a tornado warning for the county and it was headed our way.  We wrapped up dinner quickly and scattered to our respective cars.  After getting into the car we realized that we were out of milk for Jake.  Normally I would have headed straight for the basement but it didn't look that bad out so we went just down the street to Wal-Mart and Joe ran in with Lily while I waited with the sleeping baby in the car.  The siren started, the sky was getting darker and darker and the wind was really starting to pick up so I started to kind of wonder at what point I was going to start running for the store. 

My breaking point came when I was looking at the store willing Joe to come out and saw the flagpole on top of the store fly away.  I jumped out of the car, grabbed Jake and started running.  Another family was on their way in and said that they had been on the road and heard on the radio that everyone was supposed to get off the road immediately and head for shelter.  There is no more eerie feeling than walking into Wal-Mart, seeing all the lights on and not a soul in sight.  I was wondering how I was ever going to find the dungeon that everyone had crawled into when a manager rushed by and told me where to go.  I found Joe and Lily and after I was able to catch my breath kind of started laughing about the whole thing.  They did end up moving us one more time to a safer part of the store and I think that we were trapped there for about an hour and a half or so.  The kids were not wild about having to stay in one place for so long...especially when that one place was within eyesight of the toy and electronics section.

Of course once all this was done we boogied home to check and see if the 26 foot truck that held all of our earthly possessions was still sitting in our backyard.  It was, and we inflated the air mattress and called it a night.

014 On our way out of town the next morning I stopped and took a few pictures of the house that was on the end of our street.  There were two trees down in the alley behind the house and then a few more on the actual street.  We saw people in trucks hauling big, huge branches all over town.  

Goodbye Napoleon...what a memorable last night!015


You could SEE into the Living room of this house from the street!  4 houses down from us!! CRAZY!!!


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