Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Relay for Life

Something that we have discovered since living in the midwest is that the Relay for Life is HUGE out here.  We have been away from California for so long that it may be big there too and we would never know but it is a big deal out this way. 

Unfortunately we have never actually made it to one until this year.  It just happened to be practically in our backyard.  The parsonage and church are right in front of the school in town and so the Relay was set up on the track.  We just had to walk across a field and we were there.  We could hear some of the music from the house...

After playing at the playground we got the kids home to the newly fumigated house and bathed them both, got dressed and headed over for the evening festivities.  It started at 6 pm and lasts for 12 hours.  The kid activities all started at 7:00 so we made it there in time for them to play.  They had such a blast.  017

Jake really liked the shot put area and kept running around in circles...I never said he was a rocket scientist! ;)

Lily was really into the jump ropes that they had out for the kids to play with.  She didn't really get the whole jump rope thing so there was a lot of swinging and stepping going on.018


Jake decided to try the whole jump rope thing but that was quickly stopped because as soon as he touched it, INSTANT WEAPON!!












One of the teams had set up a tent for face painting and so of course Lily got her face painted.  She told that that all she wanted was a pink butterfly with black polka dots...025


They also had this little dog that they had dressed up.  The kids wanted nothing to do with anything else once they saw the dog.  Poor thing.  It was probably never more excited than when 028we made the kids leave.

After a few golfing lessons we discovered that golf clubs AND golf balls are also weapons and decided to take a break from the games, walk the track and get some hot dogs.  Lily wanted the kettle corn that they had there so she got three dollars and bought herself a ginormous bag of kettle corn to take home and eat.

It was a really fun night and we had a great time.  The kids love that kind of stuff and it was a nice little break from unpacking.


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