Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VBS Treasures

Lily has been doing VBS since Sunday night and has had oodles of fun doing crafts there.  Sunday was paperweaving a cover for a rainstick, Monday was making things out of clay, tonight was weaving a basket AND...........












making her very own little loaf of bread.  She kneaded it and when it was all done she brought it home to share with Jake.  She was very proud and it actually tasted really good!  My daughter...the little baker.  We are excited to see what the next couple of days bring.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Elbow Tragedies

In review...last summer, the week before we went to California for the ultimate Disney adventure, Lily fell ONTO the couch and popped her elbow out of its socket.  We thought she may have broken it and so took her to the doctor, all the while dreading the thought of having a 2 1/2 year old in a cast for the Disney trip.  Turns out that she had dislocated it and was fine the next day.  Fast forward to 10:00 am today. 

Lily was jumping around, fell ONTO the couch and did the exact same thing.  I called the doctor and asked them if I could just bring her to the office rather than taking her to the hospital.  They saw her around 3 pm and she seemed to be acting a lot better so I assumed that it had popped out and in again like the first time.  Turns out she had a dislocated radial head not a dislocated elbow so the doctor popped it in for her and she screamed bloody murder the whole time. 

After about a minute and a half she was hanging from the examining table using both arms.  I guess she is fine.  As you can imagine this little experience took the ENTIRE day to resolve.  So much for the productive day we thought we would have.  Hopefully tomorrow I can tackle the rest of my to do list.

Happy Birthday Johnny and Joe!

Well, Johnny's birthday was yesterday and after picking up the phone to call at least 4 times I never actually did. :(  I am a loser sister.  So, Johnny, I love you, I am so sorry, and I will call you soon.  Happy Birthday...LATE!

Today was Joe's 28th.  We had a fun day.  He took a half day off and we drove out to Kankakee and went to the Exploration Station (kind of a children's museum place) where the kids had a total blast.  We went into Barnes and Noble to kill a little time before dinner and had a lot of fun in the kid section of the store with all of the books.  It is amazing to me to see my normally rambunctious children sitting quietly side by side and listening.  I LOVE books!  And I love that my kids love them.  We went to dinner at a steakhouse where Joe got sung to by the servers.  It was pretty fun.  Lily was so excited and Jake was not thrilled when it was all over with.  The kids are in bed now and we are exhausted from the day of fun.  002 005






Joe and Lily opening gifts.  Jacob wasn't interested in even being in the room.  Something else was more interesting.  What do you do when the one year old isn't interested in gifts??  This is a foreign experience for me.

006 Someone loves her daddy.  She is so sweet!






014 019










At the Exploration Station.  021

Finally...appropriate outfits for the kids.  I have been looking for something like this since they were born!





030 023










All in all...a really fun day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summerfest #2

We had a fun day yesterday.  Summerfest was a blast!  Lily and Jake enjoyed the sandbox as usual and as an added bonus there was horseback riding.  Jake didn't make it on but Lily was more than elated to get on the horse.  After awesome food, as usual, and great fellowship we headed home with tired kids.001











Also...I just have to say that I have a new favorite tv show.  Jon and Kate plus 8 is THE funniest thing that  have seen on tv recently.  I just can't stop watching...It's like a trainwreck!  Here is my question to all of you...what would you do with twins and then 4 years later...sextuplets??  I would be certifiable.

I think I do ok with the children that I already have but I have to assume that I would be able to rise to the challenge.  The only question that rises is what to do when you have to go to the store...load everyone up in the stylin' 15 passenger van and start praying?  Or just not go? 

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I had completely forgotten about this before but just before we went to Milwaukee, and I mean minutes, I walked in on Lily and Jacob sitting in the living room on the floor.  Jake had a pair of decorative scissors in his hand.  SHOCKED, I immediately took them away and looked at Lily who was trying to look as innocent as she possibly could.  I asked to see her hands (which were under her) and she sheepishly pulled them out.  Clutched in one hand was another pair of scissors and in the other fist were two clumps of hair.  One that was a nice dark blond color and the other was a white blond color.  Yes...she had clipped hair off of both heads.  Fortunately it wasn't from a disastrous place like her bangs.  She had taken hers off of the side and Jake, poor boy, got the short end of the stick.  His came off of the top.  So, I removed all of the evidence, weapons, and disciplined appropriately.  After going to put away the scissors, which I swore were up where the kids couldn't reach them, I found a chair that had been pushed up to the shelf so that they were within reach of  a 3 year old.

What do you do...?  So, today we went and got Jake a real haircut to try and hide the divot.  Sorry Ruthie, no more faux hawk.  It'll grow back.021

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is just a bowl of cherries!

Gramma made all the little girls some dresses and they were so cute.  I just had to post pictures of them.011






Faith Lake

Next to the church is a field that tends to flood after any kind of rain.  So, put a flooded field and bored children together and what do you get?  The most exciting thing ever!

006 052











011  Josh and his best Baywatch run!055









Day 5-The Drive Home

We loaded up the car and headed back home in the am on Thursday.  We left with an extra three children so the van was stuffed to the max.  I think that Josh had a grand total of 3 inches to sit in between Madeline and Lily in the boosters.  We made it home with all children still alive and somewhat whole. 

They had fun outside and were still friendly enough to lay together for a movie before bed.  I just have to say that feeding, getting ready for bed and putting 5 children to bed was not something that I was terribly good at nor do I ever want to be that good at it. Especially considering that 4 of them were 4 and under.004

They are so funny... :0)

Day 4-The Zoo and the Brewers Game

We took a trip to the zoo in the morning.  After the momentus python petting session we ate lunch and made our way out of the zoo as quickly as we could with the kids in tow.  Naps all around and then a trip out to Miller park for the game.  We got there a little late and left at the bottom of the 7th/top of the 8th. 003

Josh and his crazy do.019










The kids went on a train ride at the end and Jake is obsessed with trains that it was a dream come true for him.  He wasn't happy when he had to get off.029











We made pizza with all of the kids before the game.  It was fun watching the kids shape their pizzas into shapes.  Matt made one for Christie since she was at work and it was perfect for her...

002 005 006

007 009







Lauren Jo-circle, Madeline-flower, Lily-heart, Josh-baseball hat, Christie-priceless...




Day 3-Jellybelly and Sprechers

We decided that since we hadn't done much on Sunday and Monday we would have a full day on Tuesday.  We loaded up all 10 of us and drove out to the factory for the tour and more importantly, the samples...the kids were so excited to go and get their treats.  Jacob didn't have the greatest time because he was tired and hungry and wasn't interested in sitting on the little train in my lap.  Oh well, everyone else had a nice time.










Lauren Jo was so cute .  The kids showing love!058  In front of the jellybelly car.  I know, cheesy, but we had to do it.059











Lily at Sprechers.  Notice the Rootbeer all down her shirt?  It happened the moment she got the entirely too full cup.  So sad. 





It was a great day.  We had a lot of fun and everyone was tired by the end of the day.

Day 1 and 2-Milwaukee


We decided to take a trip to Milwaukee so all the midwest grandkids could spend some time with gramma.  We got there on Sunday and left on Thursday.  We didn't do too much on Sunday or Monday but the girls had a great time.022

Madeline, Lauren and Lily played dress-up all day it seemed...too many costumes to keep track of.  Also, note the aliens.023 




The 4th of July

We had a nice relaxing morning and then went to the Watseka parade.  It was nice to see all of the local color!  After that we went over to the Legion and had a picnic lunch followed by a playtime at the park.  We got home and started getting ready for the youth bbq that we were having at our house prior to the selling of soda and popcorn in the church parking lot for the firework viewers.  We were fortunate that we didn't really have to leave our backyard to watch the fireworks as they were all set off at the courthouse down  the street from us.054








This couple was so cute on the tricycle.  Jake and his daddy.  Giants fans to the max!



Our family...All five of us.









Someone loves cupcakes, can you tell?067


Walking to the "most fun park ever" with gramma.


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