Friday, July 25, 2008

Elbow Tragedies

In review...last summer, the week before we went to California for the ultimate Disney adventure, Lily fell ONTO the couch and popped her elbow out of its socket.  We thought she may have broken it and so took her to the doctor, all the while dreading the thought of having a 2 1/2 year old in a cast for the Disney trip.  Turns out that she had dislocated it and was fine the next day.  Fast forward to 10:00 am today. 

Lily was jumping around, fell ONTO the couch and did the exact same thing.  I called the doctor and asked them if I could just bring her to the office rather than taking her to the hospital.  They saw her around 3 pm and she seemed to be acting a lot better so I assumed that it had popped out and in again like the first time.  Turns out she had a dislocated radial head not a dislocated elbow so the doctor popped it in for her and she screamed bloody murder the whole time. 

After about a minute and a half she was hanging from the examining table using both arms.  I guess she is fine.  As you can imagine this little experience took the ENTIRE day to resolve.  So much for the productive day we thought we would have.  Hopefully tomorrow I can tackle the rest of my to do list.


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