Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Fort Wayne Zoo

We went to Fort Wayne for the 21st Annual Convention for the AALC.  While Joe had to attend all the meetings as a pastoral delegate from Faith, the kids and I spent our days wandering.  The big highlight was staying in a hotel and going in the pool.  No pics of that...We spent one day in Napoleon saying hi to all of our friends and visiting, the second day we went to the Fort Wayne Zoo for the morning.  We had a lot of fun seeing the peacocks and hearing them scream at each other.  001 The kids really liked watching the sea lions swim around and do tricks.  We got to see the feeding and the little show that they put on...

The kids also loved watching the monkeys "put on a show" (grab each others tails and play with each other).  As we were on our way out we got stopped by the most interesting part of our little expedition...









PENGUINS!!!!!!!  The kids, especially Jacob, have always liked these weird little birds and so to see one so close to the fence was a momentous occasion.  I think we probably spent half an hour watching them. We did have one slight mishap when they stuck their hands through the little fence and the penguin must have had food on its mind.  They got a little nip, nothing that broke the skin but enough to teach them not to touch any strange animals.005
















The culprits and the face after the nip.

To finish out the day I let them play in the mister.  They had fun without really getting wet so it was a win-win situation.


They were so worn out that the afternoon was a very restful time for me.  They both fell asleep and I got to just relax.  The perfect ending to a super hot, muggy day.





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