Saturday, July 19, 2008


I had completely forgotten about this before but just before we went to Milwaukee, and I mean minutes, I walked in on Lily and Jacob sitting in the living room on the floor.  Jake had a pair of decorative scissors in his hand.  SHOCKED, I immediately took them away and looked at Lily who was trying to look as innocent as she possibly could.  I asked to see her hands (which were under her) and she sheepishly pulled them out.  Clutched in one hand was another pair of scissors and in the other fist were two clumps of hair.  One that was a nice dark blond color and the other was a white blond color.  Yes...she had clipped hair off of both heads.  Fortunately it wasn't from a disastrous place like her bangs.  She had taken hers off of the side and Jake, poor boy, got the short end of the stick.  His came off of the top.  So, I removed all of the evidence, weapons, and disciplined appropriately.  After going to put away the scissors, which I swore were up where the kids couldn't reach them, I found a chair that had been pushed up to the shelf so that they were within reach of  a 3 year old.

What do you do...?  So, today we went and got Jake a real haircut to try and hide the divot.  Sorry Ruthie, no more faux hawk.  It'll grow back.021


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