Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny and Joe!

Well, Johnny's birthday was yesterday and after picking up the phone to call at least 4 times I never actually did. :(  I am a loser sister.  So, Johnny, I love you, I am so sorry, and I will call you soon.  Happy Birthday...LATE!

Today was Joe's 28th.  We had a fun day.  He took a half day off and we drove out to Kankakee and went to the Exploration Station (kind of a children's museum place) where the kids had a total blast.  We went into Barnes and Noble to kill a little time before dinner and had a lot of fun in the kid section of the store with all of the books.  It is amazing to me to see my normally rambunctious children sitting quietly side by side and listening.  I LOVE books!  And I love that my kids love them.  We went to dinner at a steakhouse where Joe got sung to by the servers.  It was pretty fun.  Lily was so excited and Jake was not thrilled when it was all over with.  The kids are in bed now and we are exhausted from the day of fun.  002 005






Joe and Lily opening gifts.  Jacob wasn't interested in even being in the room.  Something else was more interesting.  What do you do when the one year old isn't interested in gifts??  This is a foreign experience for me.

006 Someone loves her daddy.  She is so sweet!






014 019










At the Exploration Station.  021

Finally...appropriate outfits for the kids.  I have been looking for something like this since they were born!





030 023










All in all...a really fun day!


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