Monday, July 21, 2008

Summerfest #2

We had a fun day yesterday.  Summerfest was a blast!  Lily and Jake enjoyed the sandbox as usual and as an added bonus there was horseback riding.  Jake didn't make it on but Lily was more than elated to get on the horse.  After awesome food, as usual, and great fellowship we headed home with tired kids.001











Also...I just have to say that I have a new favorite tv show.  Jon and Kate plus 8 is THE funniest thing that  have seen on tv recently.  I just can't stop watching...It's like a trainwreck!  Here is my question to all of you...what would you do with twins and then 4 years later...sextuplets??  I would be certifiable.

I think I do ok with the children that I already have but I have to assume that I would be able to rise to the challenge.  The only question that rises is what to do when you have to go to the store...load everyone up in the stylin' 15 passenger van and start praying?  Or just not go? 


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