Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have always been so impressed with Jacob and his eating habits.  He is the child that prefers fruits and vegetables and all things healthy over say, a hot dog.  Last night we had chicken and corn...just your basic...and he went to town on it.  I snapped a couple of pics because the look on his face was sheer pleasure.  I have to say that I love food as much as he does so I can understand the need to look like this as you eat.  001  

He didn't want the one that was precut chicken.  He wanted the skewer just like everyone else. 




This is concentration.  He actually ate the whole thing.  There were two strips on the skewer, plus corn, and also some zucchini (all done on the grill)!  I love it!






Lily, today after lunch.  She thinks that she is really cool.  she is pointing her fingers and making clicking noises with her tongue.  Seen that anywhere??001


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