Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun with Auntie Ruthie!

Ruthie came to see us yesterday for a quick little trip and we all had lots of fun.  A few pics of our time together...


A little cuddle time with the godmother... He loves to be held at night when he is tired.003




Playing on the weird little stepping stools.  He wasn't quite big enough to reach the next one on his own.006   Lily had a lot of fun there too.  Somehow she always looks like an orphan child when we are outside playing.  It's gotta be the flyaway hair. :)009




They raced to see who would win.  Obviously Lily was the winner.  Maybe because she always starts everything before you say "GO"!  013

Jake was SUPER excited to see the numerous airplanes that flew over us as we ate lunch there.  Lily liked the 2 ambulances and 1 firetruck that screamed by us with the sirens and lights going.








Auntie Ruthie is too cool.  Jake loved watching her get up there and flip.  You will not catch me doing that....

We cant' wait for the next visit!


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