Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potty training dilemmas

Jacob had decided that the potty is not the most evil thing in the world.  In fact, he seems to really enjoy sitting on the potty and trying to go.  He has told me that he needs to go and taken his diaper off so we are going to give this a try while the interest is there.  We went and bought pull-ups and underwear and now are in the throes of potty training.   Trying to find underwear that would fit him was a chore of unbelievable proportions.  He must have the worlds tiniest butt because everything I found is too big.  We have washed on hot water and dried on high and they now stay up at least.

Here is the problem...I haven't experienced the whole little boy potty thing and it seems to be very different for a little girl.  I have struggled with the sit or stand, either way he seems to pee all over the floor.  I don't know if this is something that corrects itself as time goes on and he gets more comfortable with it or if we are not doing something right. 

Here is my plea...any of you with boys or any of you that know someone with a boy please tell me what worked best.  I am getting tired of cleaning up more pee on the floor than what actually made it into the toilet.


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