Monday, August 25, 2008

Summerfest #3

We had a very relaxing time yesterday at summerfest.  I am getting so uncomfortable now that the idea of playing any of the games was not appealing so I spent the entire afternoon sitting comfy.  It was at a park this time instead of a home so the kids were thrilled to be able to swing, slide, play in the sand/dirt, collect sticks, pretend to be ostriches?? (not sure what the plural is here), and do kiddie bowling.  All the kids climbed up on the slide and we got a picture of them.  Lily is at the top.


Also, there was a ventriloquist who did part of the Celebration/Rally day festivities (also yesterday) and Lily just loved it.  She was so excited to hear the grandpa puppet talking about her during one of the songs...  It was great.

I do have to also mention that we have just been so blessed by this church.  The ladies here have really blessed us.  They have organized meals to be brought to our house 2 days a week for the next few weeks until the baby is born and they have offered to help me with the kids during church.  They are also doing a baby shower on the 6th for us!  They have really done all more than you can imagine to really make us feel like we are a part of the family here.  We really appreciate everything that they have done.


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