Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two little monkeys

009Lily was given a monkey for her first birthday (thank you Esther) that she has always really loved.  It is actually as big as she is with long skinny arms and legs.  She has recently taken to asking for it at night and wanting to make sure that she AND the monkey are both covered.  He doesn't have a name, never has and probably never will.  He is just monkey.

We were at the mall in Champaign the other day and while in Gymboree  Jacob discovered his version of monkey.  008 He latched on to it and would not let go of it.  He dragged it around the whole store and threw the biggest fit whenever anyone tried to touch it.  Usually I don't tolerate the gimme fits that the kids have BUT Jake has never really shown any interest in any kind of blanket or stuffed animal.  I figured it wouldn't hurt this time so we got the monkey and he dragged it around everywhere with him all day.  We have since been able to convince him to leave the monkey in bed and do all the cuddling he wants at night or during naptime.  So now we are tucking two kids into bed, side by side (they always want to share a bed), with two monkeys to cover.  I have to say that it is pretty sweet.












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