Sunday, September 7, 2008


On Saturday we went to the Prairieview Fall Festival.  It is really weird to think of fall.  I have enjoyed summer so much that it is kind of sad to think of fall being just around the corner.  Lily is obsessed with the leaves changing.  When we were on the way to Cincinnati we did see some fall leaves venturing out a little early.  Anyway, I digress...we had fun.  We only really stayed long enough to walk around the various tables and watch the quilt auction.  I love seeing all of the beautiful quilts.  Most of them seemed to be going for between $400 and $600 but one of them went for $1825!  I guess it was a record amount for them!  It is incredible to think that someone would pay that for another persons handiwork!  What a sense of pride.  I can only hope that someday I can make something that someone would WANT to buy! :)  The kids were a little out of control with all of the touching stuff so we bought them a 25 cent bag of popcorn that kept them busy for the entire auction.  Gotta love the popcorn!  005

Joe and the kids at the auction!

We went to my beloved Target afterwards because I have now started to grow out of the maternity clothes I had. is that time.  I was really apprehensive about buying anything new because I don't know when this baby is coming and just my luck I will go into labor tonight.  Oh well, at least I will still look somewhat cute.


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