Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Game!

We usually only get to one Giants game a year since we have been living in the midwest.  We had an uneventful drive to Cincinnati once we got on the road, made it to our fabulous hotel, got the kids all decked out in their outfits, and walked to to the stadium.  It was such a nice night and we were walking to the game with lots of other people, some from our hotel.  It was very relaxing.  The kids did pretty well...all Jake really wanted to do once he was bored of watching the game (which didn't take too long) was climb up and down all of the steps by our seats.014 015








Up and down, over and over.  They seemed to be entertaining other fans with their shenanigans.002 003






Lily was so proud of her nails!  She just didn't feel like looking at the camera.  Thank you Auntie Re and Danny for the cute cap for Jake!  He loved it!  A big thank you goes to Gramma Laurie for the jerseys.  We got lots of comments on how cute the kids were!








We didn't get a family picture because neither of the kids wanted to cooperate and by the time they were mellow enough we were done at the game and Jake fell asleep.  We may do a "staged" family pic one of these days in the outfits.


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