Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hannah is 2 Weeks Old!

Hannah is two weeks old and I just wanted to share a few pics of her that I really like.004








She looks so sweet in this outfit...thank you so much Wendy!  We love it!


Lily wanted to take a picture with ""just the girls".  She decided after we got out the camera that smiling WASN'T in her best interests.  Oh well, someday we will look back on pictures like this and she will be embarrassed, I hope.




I know I put mostly sleeping pictures up of her but that is still really all she does. 






And.......I'm done.  These are just a few of the pics documenting 2 weeks of life.  Wouldn't it be weird to take pictures like this of an adult?  I think it's so funny that we do this with kids...


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