Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hannah's Update

Today we went in to get my staples out and Hannah's well baby check up.  Turns out that she is not as "well" as we might have hoped.  Her little umbilical cord is having problems healing.  It started to bleed yesterday so they just prescribed her an antibiotic for infection.  So sad...only 11 days old and she has to go through this already.  She seems to be in good spirits today though.  Yesterday she seemed very sad and almost as though she was in pain.  Having a child that doesn't feel well is so hard but when it is a new baby it just doesn't seem fair.

I am feeling much better now that I am "whole" again.  They still don't want me to drive for awhile.  I am getting checked again on Monday when I take Hannah in for a follow-up of todays visit.  On the upside she is now 6 lbs 4 oz and 18 1/2 in.  EXCITING!  She is growing!  It seems funny to get excited over a few ounces and 1/2 an inch but it is such a relief to know that she is getting bigger. 










I just had to show her off in her stylin' new outfit...Thank you Uncle David and Aunt Rachel (and family).  We love it!



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