Friday, September 19, 2008

Home at Last!

 006I have actually been home for a few days but just got the chance to get to the computer.  We are rapidly adjusting to life with three kids.  It takes just a little longer to do anything with me still being somewhat out of commission and a baby to feed, dress, change, etc...

Hannah has been doing great.  She is all about eating, pooping, and sleeping...the usual baby things.  She loves to sit on Lily's lap because Lily will sit there for an hour petting her hair and Hannah just sits there and does her goofy little smile like expression everytime she feels Lily touch her head.  Jacobs two favorite phrases are 1) Ohhhhh, baby crying   2) Ohhhhh, where baby nana? She's cute.002

We had to take her back into the hospital on Wednesday to get a jaundice check but her levels were going down so we are in the clear on that.  Her next appointment is next week when I go in to get all of the staples removed.  We are looking forward to seeing if the 6 lb mark will be broken by then.  On Wed she was still only 5  lbs 11 oz. 

We are looking forward to seeing my parents this weekend.  They should be arriving sometime tonight and then leaving on Monday so it will be a short trip.  The older kids of course are excited beyond belief that they are going to come.  More to come later.


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