Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's just a little button...

This  may be a little gross so heads up.  We just got back from taking Hannah in AGAIN for this belly button situation.  I was sitting on the couch feeding her, went to change her diaper and saw that she was bleeding through her onesie, sleeper, and my t-shirt.  I quickly undressed her and saw the black dried up cap on her button hanging off and this stump looking thing bleeding everywhere.  I don't usually freak out but this was nasty and the office closes today for the weekend so we ran her over there and they proceeded to try and figure out what to do for her.  They ended up putting silver nitrate on the bleeding part and got the rest cleaned up.  Basically she only had part of the cord dry up so now we have to go through the whole thing again.  They also said that she is pretty much guaranteed an outie at this point (trivial point I know).  We are supposed to be putting rubbing alcohol on it to try and help dry it out faster, she is to continue antibiotics, and if by Monday it isn't looking better they said that we might have to take her in and get "major cauterization" done.  YIKES!!!  Praying that doesn't happen!

Who would have thought that a little belly button could cause all these problems.  She has been sleeping all day since we got home thank goodness.  I think she got worn out while we were there.  I will save you all the visual, it's bad enough that I have to look at it, and just put the cutest sleeping picture ever.  She sleeps just like her siblings and her daddy...arms up above her head.003


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