Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lily and Jake's Exciting Weekend!

Jacob and Lily met their new baby sister for the first time yesterday afternoon.  They love her so much.  We went back again this afternoon and they both wanted to hold her (scary), Jacob was kissing her and Lily held her with me and sang her lullabies.  001Her name is officially Hannah Leigh, though Lily calls her Hannah Laurie in honor of her Gramma Laurie.  Jacob calls her Nana which is also what he calls bananas.


Mary is doing great.  She just called and said that she was finally out of bed and sitting up in a chair holding Hannah and they were going to bring her some liquid and maybe talk about food tonight.

The excitement didn't stop with just Hannah being born though.  It started pouring here last night and rained all night and came down very hard after church and Sunday School.  Bottom line was that you could leave the church and go west but not east out of the church.  Our house is directly across the street from the church to the east.  We drove to church because it was pouring and I had these two with me, but now we couldn't get home.  It was too deep and the roads were closed. 

We decided to wait out so we went and picked up lunch at Burger King and headed to the hospital.  After I was going crazy trying to contain these two in a hospital room with a day old child and a  mother who can't do anything, we decided to leave.  Well, I thought that we could get home if we went around to the other side-not happening!  Went back to the church thinking we would just wait it out there (we had movies, toys and I could find plenty to do).  Got to the church and a couple of members with large trucks were there finishing off the sandbagging.  We parked the van there and they drove us around and then down the street from our house.  We got out and walked through the waters from about six houses down to get inside the house.  Check out the pictures:

This is our front yard!001 004This is the west side of our house.

006 Again the front yard and driveway.  I let the kids play a little.

008 backyard-notice the fire hydrant a little ways back.

011 from backyard looking toward the church.  Needless to say, we're not going anywhere for a little while.  I think it is starting to go down-a little!


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