Friday, September 26, 2008

Tubs and Teeth

I have an ongoing battle at bathtime with our children.  They either like to dump water out over the side or insist on standing in the tub.  Last night was no exception.  Lily was standing in the tub "watering all the flowers" when she slipped, fell, and hit her mouth on the side of the tub.  Joe ran to take care of it and called me a few minutes later to ask if I thought Lily's mouth looked ok.  Obviously it wasn't.  She now has a chipped front tooth.  We will be lucky if she is able to loose any of her teeth the way God intended.  Also, the newly chipped tooth is not the one that she hit on the drumset last year and killed.  So now, my precious princess has one slightly dark tooth and one chipped tooth.  CUTE!  She is NOT going to be entering in any Baby America pageants in the near future.  I am relieved that she didn't knock it out or that it isn't sensitive to anything.  Thank goodness for baby teeth. 

You would think that Jake, after watching his sister suffer, would have learned his lesson about standing in the tub BUT no, he didn't.  My son, the adventurer, has to discover everything for himself so he experienced a "teachable moment" or four.  Hopefully he will grow out of some of the stubbornness that he inherited from both parents and learn things the easy way.  Hopefully.  On the upside, I think that Lily has learned her lesson now.  Finally.


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