Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where are you?

We had a memorable weekend!  We were able to use Joe's birthday gift of tickets to the Giants/Reds game since the baby is cooperating and staying where it is supposed to be.  We got an incredible deal on a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati (thank you Priceline!) and embarked on our adventure to the game on Friday.  We decided to stop and pick up a few things on our way to the game so we went to Walmart on our way out of town.  While there Joe and I had a moment of miscommunication which resulted in our younger child getting lost.  We started to frantically search for him up and sown the aisles of the store and informed an employee that we were missing our almost two year old.  My dislike of Walmart became thoroughly justified as I watched the inefficiency of the system in action.  After calling the code and cancelling it twice, watching employees of the store talk to each other in the aisles not attempting to help the now desperate parents, and finally having customers help us more than the employees we found him...by the toys...on the other side of the store from where we started...and holding the hand of a strange man (who later turned out to be the former police chief of our town)...and to top it all off, having an employee tell us after we found him "oh yeah, I saw him running toward toys and thought that he moved really fast".  I HATE Walmart and if I had another option I would use it.  This is the single most terrifying experience that I have ever had.  I never thought that I would be a parent who would lose a child, I guess it happens, but now poor Jake is smothered whenever we are out because I am so paranoid.


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