Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat??

Here are the kids.  We had some reservations as to whether or not Jake would wear his costume.  He did wear it the whole time we were out...2 hours!  We went by a few of the members houses and the rest of the time was spent knocking on doors.


Love-a-lot bear, Bedtime bear, and Share bear were out this evening.037 041








As usual, Hannah spent the entire time sound asleep.  She has such a tough life...  Now the challenge is to try and keep them from eating everything in the next 24 hours.  Fun, fun, fun...

Pumpkin Farm

We went out to the pumpkin farm today where the kids picked out pumpkins and saw a few animals that Lily wanted to bring home with us.  It started to lick her fingers and of course that was the coolest thing ever.  Jake, ever hesitant, was not interested in his finger being lunch so he stayed away.004

Yes, this is a goat.  She named it and wanted to keep it.  Most kids want a puppy or a kitty, mine wants a goat.  Lovely...  Each of the kids got a pumpkin to take home, even Hannah, so they had fun picking them out.

021 022









Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer fun (in the fall)

This afternoon the kids and I did something that is typically a summer sport.  BUBBLES!  We had so many leftover from the summer so we went out.  Jacob was in the most foul mood because he has the worst cold ever so I was hoping that this would cheer him up.  082 079







Lily was wildly running all over the place so she was a little harder to pin down for a picture... 










We had so much fun...Joe came out and took a few pictures so that I was actually in one of them. 

043 039





I never thought after the snow on Monday evening that we would be out doing bubbles today.  So much FUN!


017 018








020 024








Started off so happy and the mood just kind of deteriorated.  I wish we could do this as adults.

Fall Party

Today was the fall party at the preschool.  Everyone took treats to share, all the parents came about 15 minutes before school let out.  All the treats were passed out, the kids sang 3 songs that they had practiced for the parents and then everyone was dismissed.  They went through the close that they do every day and at the end the teacher asked each child if they wanted a hug goodbye.  Each kid ran up to her and gave her a big hug, some gave kisses, and then it was Lily's turn.  When she was asked she said "no thank you, not today" and walked away.  I guess I should be thankful that she was polite about it at least.  She definitely knows what she wants.

I, of course, brought the camera with us to capture all the memorable moments and when Joe turned it on we found that there was no memory card.  This is why one should always make it a point to put the card back into the camera IMMEDIATLEY after downloading all of the pictures.  Oh well, I am sure there will be more golden photo ops in the future.  In the meantime, I walked into the living room to make sure that Lily hadn't devoured all of the candy she received today and found this.  Just a little OCD for you.


Notice that there are two rows, one is for the candy and the other is for "all the other stuff".  Also, like with like.  I love it!




She wanted to pose with her loot.  Who am I to say no?  Jake has been circling everything she got like a vulture...we'll see how that situation turns out.





Lily took these pictures.  I guess she has "the eye".  Good job Bug.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


013We went to Giordano's in Chicago for dinner with David, Rachel and Micah.  We left the  two older kids at home with Gramma and Gramma Jack , took the little one and became grown ups.  It was really nice and we had the DELICIOUS-NESS that is chicago style pizza.  Micah was digging all of the little jars of toppings. :)


Have you ever seen anything that could give you a heart attack faster?



As usual, Hannah slept through dinner.  I am so thankful for small blessings.  After dinner we dropped David and Rachel off at their hotel, the aloft.  When we pulled up to drop them off we could hear some crazy techno music playing.  I hope they were able to relax and sleep. :)




Just some random pictures

086We had the baptism on Sunday, hopefully it sticks.  I think that it was kind of cool for Joe's first baptism to be his daughters.  She had been crying before and as soon as the water hit her head she went to sleep. 

042  Papa with his girls.  Lily had a hard time saying goodbye to Papa.  He got lots of kisses from her as she followed him out to the car.




The kids with Auntie Esther.  They were so excited to see her because the last time we saw her was Christmas.  Just a few more months and we will see you again.



And this is what the house looked like all week!!  Crazy!  We finally have it all put back together again.  It was so much fun and as you can tell from the picture the kids had a blast.  I will put the pictures of the weekend on Our Website since there are just too many.  When I was uploading my pics I think I had around 300.  So...check those out.


The kids are in bed, I just got home from a VERY late dr appt with Hannah, Joe and I are totally wiped out, and I am ready to go to bed.  There was so much this weekend that I don't even know where to start.  People started arriving on Wednesday and we made our last airport run today.  We had so much fun with everyone that it was really hard to say goodbye. 

A few pictures...030 072













All the godparents with  the princess...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few new experiences

Today was the day.  I got to show my daughter democracy in action.  Lily and I went to vote.  I found out that the only way I would be able to vote in Illinois was if I went today to register AND vote at the same time.  As today was the last day Lily and I took a little jaunt. She got several pieces of candy out of the deal so she found the experience very enjoyable.  We had a little discussion about what I was doing and talked about the job of president to which she says, "Mom, everyone else has to say president but I am going to say king. "  When we got there she told the ladies that were working there that I was there to "pick a new king".  LOVELY!  In Lily's mind this is a monarchy of which she is an integral part.

006Secondly, as we were sitting at the table eating lunch Lily and Jake were talking about musical instruments and Lily was showing us how she played her imaginary trumpet, tuba, accordion, flute, and trombone.  I thought she might like to see a real flute so I dusted off the one that have had for years and let her and Jake play with it for a little bit.




Daddy Time

Last night as I folded laundry Hannah was uber crabby so Joe spent a little quality time with the little princess.  I took a few pictures and then when looking through the pics this morning I found that I don't have very many of them together.  I have to blame the other rugrats for this because the time to take pictures seems to get more and more limited.  Note to self: make time!!

Anyway, here are a few sweet ones...

007 014






After spending all day with her it is nice to step back and see the two of them like this.  Kind of refreshing.  Someone got tired!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Craft

The kids wanted to do something fun so today we did the pirate pumpkin craft that I have been hanging on to as a rainy day project.  It didn't take them that long to do it but they had a lot of fun with it and I think they did a great job.  I was expecting some kind of crazy face but Lily is apparently really particular about how things go on so she bossed Jake around the entire time.  They had a few disagreements when she tried to move the pieces that Jake put on but all in all did really well together.

002 004








005 001





There is a new crafty website I found that has all kinds of cute little crafts for kids.  There are a bunch of fun fall crafts that I want to do with them so this may be the first of many crafty blogs.  It may also be the last.  We'll see.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 Month and 1 Day


Joe and I talked today about how our kids seem too look so much alike.  We went back through all the pictures on the computer and found pictures of each of the kids when they were younger.  We found that Lily and Hannah look a lot alike but Jacob seems to have changed very little since he was born.  It will be interesting to see how they look as they continue to get older. Especially the girls. 


What do you think?  Alike, not alike?  I get questions all the time and spending as much time with them as I do sometimes it is hard to tell.  




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