Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few new experiences

Today was the day.  I got to show my daughter democracy in action.  Lily and I went to vote.  I found out that the only way I would be able to vote in Illinois was if I went today to register AND vote at the same time.  As today was the last day Lily and I took a little jaunt. She got several pieces of candy out of the deal so she found the experience very enjoyable.  We had a little discussion about what I was doing and talked about the job of president to which she says, "Mom, everyone else has to say president but I am going to say king. "  When we got there she told the ladies that were working there that I was there to "pick a new king".  LOVELY!  In Lily's mind this is a monarchy of which she is an integral part.

006Secondly, as we were sitting at the table eating lunch Lily and Jake were talking about musical instruments and Lily was showing us how she played her imaginary trumpet, tuba, accordion, flute, and trombone.  I thought she might like to see a real flute so I dusted off the one that have had for years and let her and Jake play with it for a little bit.





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