Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Mrs. Koester's turn...

024 Last night we had Lily's open house at the preschool.  It was fun, we got to walk around and see her class, her crafts, what her day to day was, etc.  We were also told that there is a fundraiser that is done for the preschool so if anyone is interested in helping Lily out give us a call. (She is selling candles and other stuff like that)

I asked how she was doing in school and her teacher let us know, very nicely, that sometimes she has to remind Lily to sit down in her seat and that it is "Mrs. Koester's turn to talk".  Yes, I am the mother of THAT child.  Oh well, I guess someone has to do it.  It might as well be Lily.

After the open house we said goodbye to Joe as he is going to be at a Pastors Conference for the rest of the week...FUN TIMES!  Hopefully everyone will be in one piece when he gets home.  I am a little more worried about myself than the kids. 


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