Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day fun

Lily has been wanting to do something with Jello for a few days now so I decided to make a nice patriotic dessert with her.  It ended up being more of a snack than a dessert but we had tons of fun making it.  The biggest frustration with Jello is that you have to wait for the finished product, something that my super patient toddler and preschooler are not especially wonderful at.  After an entire day of driving me nuts with "Is it ready? Is it ready? It's ready now right?" it was FINALLY ready and they enjoyed digging in.  So, here are the little angels, enjoying their tasty treat.








Cutting out the shapes and eating all the scraps.  So much fun!!005 017

 020 021







So, we had a ton of fun...Happy Election Day to everyone!  Now to settle the kids down from the perpetual sugar high that they have been on since Halloween!


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