Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know it is a little early for the thanksgiving post but I just had to share.  Lily came home from school today and showed me her thanksgiving project.  She had to tell the teacher what she was thankful for so here it is.


Thank you God for...Fruit snacks, Cookies, and Flowers

I love it.  She does indeed have her priorities in order.  Apparently the flower the teacher drew for her wasn't perfect without a stem and a little dirt. :)

Also, the word of the day...COINCIDENCE.  She used it in the car on the way home today.  I love it.  Apparently all the reading we did/do with her paid off.  Jeopardy here we come!

003 007









New pics of the littlest one.  She is so strong!  We love watching each new thing that she does.  Right now all she wants to do is look around and be involved in everything.  I love the second one.  Hmmmmmm.  TV watching is starting.  She likes the bright colors and the music.


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