Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today the kids and I wandered around the mall for a few hours while Joe went to a seminar on "Implementing Positive Change".  We actually met Wendy, Marsha, Tyson, and 3 of the jr high boys from St. Pauls.  It was really fun to see them one more time.  We went to Red Robin for lunch and had a lot of fun before leaving to get Joe and drive all the way home.

001 002





There was a karate school doing demonstrations and passing out gift certificates for their school.  Lily had so much fun breaking her board!

003 004






The proud little girl with the board she broke.  3 was the cut-off age so Jake wasn't able to break one but Lily let him hold hers briefly so catastrophe was diverted.  She loved the headband that she got and wore it all through lunch.006




The kids at Red Robin. We had a lot of fun and realized how much we miss the wonderful people there.  We will definitely have to go and visit again.  Soon.


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