Monday, December 22, 2008

The weather outside is frightful....

Today was the Christmas program at the church.  We went to bed last night with a wind chill advisory and woke up this morning with ATROCIOUS weather.  It was -5* and the wind chill was around -30*.  IT WAS SO COLD!!!

I had to run out to Walmart to pick up a tape for the video camera and truly felt like I was only wearing a plastic bag.  The wind was out of control.  The only people in church today were the parents of the kids that were in the program.  We had a good time though so that is what counts. 


Yes...Lily was an angel.  She did not, however act angelic.  She didn't sing, she didn't do any of the motions to the songs and she didn't stand quietly when she was supposed to.  I guess that we can forgive her.  She IS 3 and she looked so cute!014 012








After that we took a little drive around to see the damage around town.  We saw017 trees broken from the weight of the ice and then the horrible winds last night.  I think we have the wind advisory in effect until midnight tomorrow.  Hopefully it will only last until then.015








This was just down the street from our house.  When we got out of the car there were chunks of ice that looked like giant pieces of glass all over the ground.  It was all getting knocked off of the trees. It kind of made you feel unsafe about standing outside.


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