Wednesday, December 30, 2009

THE Christmas gift!

So, I have been on the search for some sort of jewelry for awhile now. Necklace, bracelet, ring, etc that I could put on that had a reminder of each of my children. I finally found a necklace that I really liked/loved! I was a little disappointed because I knew that having one on the way would delay buying it for a little while. Imagine my excitement when I opened this up on Christmas Day!

Every time I look at it or feel it against my skin I think of each of the children that it represents! It is such a great reminder of the blessings that I have!
Do I have a winner for a husband or what???!!!!!
*I will be able to get another tag on it for Dapelo #4 when the time comes. Let me know if you want any information on it! I am more than happy to let you know where to get your own! It is sterling silver and is all handmade and hand stamped! The woman who made it is wonderful!


Ok, so I know that this is way late but better late than never. Besides, I figure I am not technically late since the bride and groom haven’t even done anything yet! :)
My sister Ruthie and her new husband Josh Wagner tied the knot on November 21st.
It was a beautiful wedding, full of family and friends. We had a great trip out to Minneapolis and enjoyed seeing family there that we haven’t seen in a long time and probably won’t see again for a long time. My kids got to meet their great-grandparents on my side of the family, the first time for Hannah!
The rest is just going to be pictures. They tell the story better anyway. The pictures of the wedding are all courtesy of Virginia and Monica Garrett, our cousins. Thanks girls! You did a great job!
You can see the professional ones by going here!

This last one is when we said goodbye... gotta love Lily!


A BIG thank you to my dear friend Ranveig Niemi! A little history…
Ranveig’s parents were Norwegian missionaries in Bangladesh while we were all there. They had 4 girls and we had 3 girls and a boy. We were all about the same age. They lived in our house before we moved there. We weren’t able to spend as much time as we may have wanted with them because they were in boarding school in Nepal. BUT, anytime we were together we had a total blast. There was one point at which it was easier for us all to talk in Santali because it was a common language rather than English (which they knew well) or Norwegian (which we did not know well)! I know there is an awful picture of us all floating around facebook. And by awful of us all I mean me. :) Who knew that really thick bangs, metal in my mouth, photogrey glasses (oh yes!) and some scary clothing would be something that I would look back on and think WHY!!!!!

Anyway, I digress, Ranveig made this beautiful shawl for me for the handmade craft exchange! I love it and so do the girls. I will post pictures of the girls wearing it because I know that everyone would probably rather look at the girls than me. :)

I am the slacker and haven’t finished my stuff for the craft exchange. Sorry ladies. I promise that as soon as things settle after the holiday it is at the top of the list!!

One Word

While perusing through the many blogs on my reader I came across a FABULOUS thought! The idea is that you think about a word, one word, that speaks to you for the coming year. It was intriguing to say the least and I have been thinking about it now for a few days and have come up with what I think is the perfect word.


foster: help develop, help grow; "nurture his talents"

rear: bring up; "raise a family"; "bring up children"

raising: the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

nourish: provide with nourishment; "We sustained ourselves on bread and water"; "This kind of food is not nourishing for young children"

With a new baby in our future and three beautiful children that I feel sometimes I don’t appreciate enough I decided that it is going to be my focus this year. I want to try and do something every day, big or small, that has something to do with my word. I am hoping that through this I will be inspired to be the mother and wife that I know I can be, the parent that my kids deserve, and the woman that I want to be.

I know that I love my children passionately but I want to make sure that they do too!

Also, novel thought…this applies to my wonderful husband as well.  So, let me know what your word is.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


*****************************News Alert***************************************

The Dapelo family will be increasing by 1! We are excited to announce that Dapelo Baby #4 will be joining us sometime in July. The date is the 22nd but actual date remains to be seen! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello from the land of COLD…

It is 14* today and as you can see the winds are trying to blow us away !







Monday, November 16, 2009

That time again!

The kids are growing like weeds. Starting with the oldest…


Lily: This last month has been somewhat challenging. I think that she is having trouble finding her niche. She seems to be regressing a little in certain areas and almost seems to be depressed. She is not as crazy as usual and spends a lot more time being quiet and playing/coloring alone. It has been a little hard to know what to do with her. She isn’t really being naughty or bad she just seems to be very emotional.

She is very excited about the wedding and can’t wait to be in her “princess” dress. Joe’s mom just finished making it and it is en route to us as I type this. I can’t wait to see how she does walking down the aisle. I am sure that I will tear up. Wretched emotions! :)


Jacob: Jake has been a total maniac! He is a wild child to be sure. He is the rough and tumble, try to “kill” you with his pirate sword, running around the house naked, begging to play computer games, and yelling to go outside kind of boy.

He still LOVES to cuddle at night and is so sweet to Hannah! The potty training is slow but I think that I am the one learning a life lesson of patience. He is trying to decide if the wedding is something that he wants to participate it. I am hoping that all will go well.


Hannah: TROUBLE! She is walking and getting into absolutely EVERYTHING! I don’t know if there is anywhere that is safe from her prying little fingers. Her favorite thing to do is tear apart all of the lower cabinets in the kitchen. I don’t have locks on anything because there isn’t really anything in them that could hurt her and she just has so much fun doing it!

She loves to play with Jake and Lily. She has been struggling a little with jealousy. She likes to be the center of everything because she KNOWS that the world revolves around her! She is still super sassy and very cheeky. She will only look at you when she knows that you are not looking at her. She likes to play games like that. She LOVES to play peek-a-boo and loves hiding. I can’t wait to see how old she will be when we call the cops because we think that she has been kidnapped when in reality she is just hiding somewhere. (Bring back memories Dad??)


They are all so much fun!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Egg

We had kind of a long day at work. I was in Jacksonville at a state op all day and Joe was getting ready for all kinds of church stuff. When I got home at 5:30 Joe had brought Esther flowers and her cuppa joe from her favorite Watseka hangout, Promises. The kids enjoyed giving her those.

When I got home I made her birthday request…waffles with strawberry syrup followed by birthday banana splits instead of cake. I have to admit that they were very tasty!

Happy birthday sunshine! I love you so much! Thank you for living with me this year and being the coolest auntie!



This one is for you Dad.

How does this happen?


I remember when we were kids and my dad would go into the bathroom and look in amazement at the 15,000 toothbrushes on the counter for 6 people.

I feel your pain Daddy. We are 6 people in this house…one of which has a grand total of 6 full teeth and 2 little half teeth!


How does this happen?

If anyone has an answer please let me know.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Van Update

Doors are all on.
No new parts needed.
Praise God!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The weather has changed, the leaves have changed, it is GORGEOUS!


I love wearing sweaters and sweatshirts. The kids have apparently inherited that from me because they (esp. Hannah) never want to take off their coats. I do have to say that if my coat was as cute as Hannah’s I probably wouldn’t take it off either!


We went to the park for some fall fun and took pictures of the kids. Of course they were all sassy and made it VERY difficult to get one of the three of them. Oh well, better luck next season.










And that’s a wrap…


So, yesterday was a very sad and emotional day at work. Without going into details, it was draining.

So, right off in the morning Joe dropped his cell phone in the toilet. It didn’t seem to be working very well so he was going to leave it at home to let it dry out. I went to work early and Joe was on kid duty because Lily had school.

In the midst of everything that was going on at work Joe called me to let me know that while taking Lily to school he pulled up to a stop sign and one of the side doors fell off of the van.




How was your day?



While sitting at the stop sign with the door on the ground and Lily in the backseat  someone that we knew (sort of) drove by and offered to leave her cell phone with Joe while she took Lily to school. He started making calls and ended up getting someone to come and help him lift the door off of the ground and into the van. He drove around to see if anyone would fix it, went to 2 places that both gave him the cold shoulder and decided to order the bracket and get it on himself.

He brought the van to my work this morning and he and two of my co-workers attempted to get the door aligned on all three tracks at the same time. They did really well. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. We actually think that the bottom bracket may have gotten bent out of shape when it fell off so we have to take it back in tomorrow a.m. to get it checked and possibly the new part ordered.

This could only happen to us.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Apologies

We have been eyebrow deep in wedding preparations this month and last month. All of us are helping to try and get everything ready.  Lily is EAGERLY anticipating her responsibilities to Auntie Ruthie as flowergirl. I am not sure if she is entirely aware that a large part of her responsibilities is to remain QUIET during the wedding!

Anywho, because of this I have been REMISS in my other duties… the blog being something that has just been escaping me on a daily basis. I have taken a wedding prep hiatus and am only focusing on things that I have been wanting/needing to get done.

So, enjoy the previous blog posts that have finally been posted. There are a lot of them so have patience. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


1)  I offered to be the official memory keeper for Lily’s preschool class. It was primarily a selfish move on my part. I wanted to have a reason to go into Lily’s class once or twice a month to take pictures. I have been there three times now and have really enjoyed it. They are such a fun group of kids. So, I am taking pictures, printing them, and then assembling all of the necessary pieces for the teacher to help the kids glue to their pages. The hope is by the end of the year they will each have a little book that gives a month by month overview of what they did in school. :) I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

2)  We also just recently spent the day scraping paint off of the tiles in the two bathrooms. After many trips to the local hardware store and some elbow grease our bathrooms are just about ready to be painted fresh.

It is SO satisfying!

3)   We also just finished all of the invitations to Ruthie’s bridal shower. I am excited! We put them together relatively quickly and now the responses are rolling in! So fun! I can’t wait until we have it all put together.

4)   I am trying to get Christmas presents all made early. I realize that time is only going by faster and am realizing that it will only get faster! Hopefully everything is finished in time!

5) Also, I am FRANTICALLY working on a cross stitch Christmas stocking. I am beginning to have my doubts as to whether it will be done in time or not. If not, there is always next year right?

6) Last but not least, I am trying to get caught up on my 365 album. I am so far behind right now. Yikes!! Hopefully I will be able to get it all caught up this weekend. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am not sure how to keep going with the updates on Hannah now that she is one.


I have decided that we will continue with an update on each kid instead of just her.

Lily: Is very happily playing soccer. She really loves practice and does really well. Unfortunately, the game is another story. She much prefers the structure of practice, the taking turns, the games, etc. She doesn’t do well with everyone being super competitive. When she has the ball she doesn’t like it when other people steal it. It kind of causes some issues. She is excited about school. If she had her way she would be there every day instead of 3 days a week. Her vocabulary shocks me on a daily basis! I don’t know where she comes up with some of the things that she says!


Jake: He is now 3. He reminds me everyday that he should be in  school because 3 year olds go to school. He is getting better and better with the bathroom situation. We have had some struggles but is much. much. much better now. He is really loving the tool set that he got for his birthday and has become a computer game addict. We are in the process of looking for a 12 step program. Let me know if you hear of one.

Picture 067

Hannah: She is still not fully walking. She seems to not care about it at all. She loves to do her own thing and gets very ANGRY if she doesn’t get what she wants. She is a little stubborn and very sassy. She doesn’t have any trouble holding her own with Lily and Jake. She loves singing Old McDonald (eeeieeeeiiiiioooooo), saying owieee for the smallest, most inconsequential thing, LOVES looking for puppies everywhere (puppyyyyyyy-to be whispered in excitement), and loves using the few words that she has…


Other than that we don’t know whether we are coming or going half the time but are having fun meeting each other on the way! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jake is 3, FINALLY!

Happy birthday to Jake! I say finally because he seems older than he is. It was weird to realize that he is only 3. I feel like he has been around forever!


We went to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday this year. It seemed fitting. Lily had her 3rd birthday party at the Chuck and he had been begging to go. We decided to keep it really simple this year and went with just our family and Esther.










Jake basking in his money. Thank you Gramma Jack! He bought a book at Barnes and Noble!










Fortunately, it was an enjoyable trip. There was only one other family there and the kids were primarily older than ours so there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction. I know that Hannah definitely enjoyed going on the little mini merry-go-round that they had. Lily enjoyed a game or 5 of air hockey with one of the girls from the other family. Joe enjoyed the football games and Jake had a blast with the train. He would have been happy spending every single token on that. :) Est and I tried a little air hockey and then I tried the Whacka Mole type game that they had. I lost. To Joe. Boo.











Cake. Presents. Games. Fun.

Every ingredient that was needed for the PERFECT 3rd birthday!

Thank you everyone for the birthday calls and gifts!

Monday, October 5, 2009

And this is what they call…














Harvest Daze!


The kids went into a house on wheels. The fireman taught them what to do if they smelled smoke or heard a smoke detector in the house. The house filled up with smoke and they had to crawl along the floor on their bellies, touch the doorknob to make sure that it wasn’t hot and then exit the little house. The kids did great, Jake was a little scared and Lily wanted to go to the second floor of the house so that she would have to climb out the window. (That didn’t happen.)


They had some DELICIOUS kettle corn there. The kids loved it. I was pretty impressed with the caramel apple slices!













Saturday, October 3, 2009

baby it’s cold outside…

…but we are still eating ice cream cones. Can you say denial?


Someday he won’t want to give me kisses so I am stocking up on them now!


And then there is the disaster baby! Maybe someday she won’t eat like a starving wildebeest!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A peek into the life of…

Every night after the kids have their bath they all act like they are freezing cold. Hannah loves to be all wrapped. Jake, even when cold, would prefer to run through the house in just a pull-up, and Lily wants to have 5 or 6 blankets on top of her blanket sleeper.





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