Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dress Up!

We went to the Exploration Station the other day and the kids has a blast as usual.  I kind of feel like there are only so many times that I can post pictures of us there before it starts to feel like they have been seen before. 

This time though we spent more time in the dress-up area and Lily came prancing out with some interesting ensembles.

020 She had so much fun in this dress.  You can’t really tell but there are pink sequins all over the shoulders that were her “diamonds”. Also, she put on as many things as she could from the jewelry box.  Can you tell?

027 After I told her that her daddy would cry if he saw her wearing this she gave me this look.  She informed me that she wanted to wear one when she was big for when she married daddy.  Ummmmm, didn’t know what to say to that so we just moved on. :)



Jake and Lily as firefighters.  This part of the place never seems to get old for them.  Jake had to have the firedog with him. Lily preferred playing with the hose on the back of the truck.

We had a great time as usual. They love it there even though it gets old for the adults. I can’t wait til summer when we are able to do all of the outside stuff again. :)


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